Ruins of Richmond

Ink and collage on paper, 17 x 22.5 inches

Foxygen - No Destruction

Love this song. They're playing at the Bowery Ballroom at the end of Feb.

water bodies

blackout 2003 part one

diamonds are clever

self titled a**hole

archaic moderately priced inadequate cheese

stack of rocks





Big Love

This album might be my last minute favorite or 2012. Maybe I listened to Frank Ocean a little more but I got totally YouTubed out of Frank. I would like Matthew and Frank to get together on something. I think I've listened to this song more than Brazos, and Brozos is slow moving hurricane of a song. If you sip on Hot Toddys he's got a song for that too, with an amazing arrangement / ending.



Rocknest 2013. 13 x 19 inches, ink on 140 hotpress watercolor paper. detail below.