Ye olde keep lying to yourself shaman of inadequate deeds, among other things

mixed media on tea dyed water color paper

Here is my piece for a group show nestled in Crown Heights curated by Jess. The work in the show looks really terrific. Very pleased to be participating.

INFO. This Friday (11.30) 8pm . There are plenty of drinking holes near by so its totally worth the schlep.


The Monkey's Paw (bookstore)

This is a long video at 6 minutes, but if you ever think about books its required watching. The owner does a great job of articulating his ideas about the future of second hand books that are even more true two years later. I agree with him and totally need to go there.


Can't see the forest through the trees, but whatever.

ballpoint pen on plywood, 20 x 20 inches. Detail below.


DonnWaltWalt F.R.M. EisCunnSchir (Apollo 7 Crew)

The image above is a combined portrait of the Apollo 7 crew, 12 x 12 inches ink on 140lb watercolor paper. This is the second portrait in my series of archetypical astronauts & here is the post for the previous Apollo 1 portrait.

Below is a photo of the two astro men taking up some space together.