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Mars landscape in progress

combined portriat 2 in progress

the right kinda confused - 09.02.2012

going places - 09.03.2012


brown phone hun

tape deck

inside of an old scale


What about Bob?

"Alameda Nova"
1978,  watercolor on paper,  9.75 x 15.625 

Robert Bechtle video
This is terrific. Please watch. His quote towards the middle end about images being several tiny intersecting abstractions is right. Also his romantic idea of why one painting might resonate more than another, seems testable, or at least a challenge to science. Its only 10min. Bob is great.


cloud capture 09.09.12

nice cloud day today. some of the cumulus leftovers from yesterdays storm.


the good, the bad, and the ugly - combined portrait test

I was considering a combined portrait that might speak to something a little more like memory or different forces at play, then wanted to test out what The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly would look like as a single dude. The film has that iconic eyes only poster as well. I like the concept quite a bit, I might consider adding the lines as well but not sure yet.


lined up