in progress - fictional spaceman hybrid portrait - EdRogVir H.B.I WhiChassom

For this portrait I overlaid the entire Apollo 1 crew to create a super spaceman that never existed. His name is EdRogVir H.B.I WhiChassom. He's 33.33333333% Edward H. White II, Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom and Roger B. Chaffee. He's a terrific guy, a bit bland but exceptionally skilled. I'm not sure what the average height of the three astronauts were yet but the face is 12"x12" roughly the actual size of their combined heads....the piece in the end should be hung at their average height. Perhaps in another universe this mission did return with all three men merged into one being. More of these to come.

The Nose Knows

i luv popcorn

Sunday codex

1875 blowdryer and moth



I don't normally post new music on the blog but this retro-psych-weird-pop-rock-adventure known as Foxygen really got me re-interested in making my own joshua light show and petting cats. Thats not a weird metaphor for doing drugs, thats literal, and that makes for a great day.

Recently released on Jagjaguwar (an all around terrific label)




i tested out the function where photoshaper merges images. worked out ok.


evolve not evolove


sunset via bushwick


another later

just finished this piece up. its a little smaller than the last few. 15 x 22.5 ink on watercolor paper.