new landscape progress

I didn't clock in as much as I would have liked this month. If I did....this piece would have been complete. I had this idea in mind to do a landscape where the foreground is blurry and the background remains the same. Its the way I feel when I lose interest in a long story. That spaced out feeling that happens when my mind wanders a little.

private ship

an image from my forthcoming "god bless this dump" zine. in honor of independence day 2012. should be done by mid july.

lotta work to do

ya hippy

Parrot feathers laser print

Joseph E. Yaokum

Love Joseph's work. The poster is terrific too.



Stellar Bookmark

Erin had some room on a plate for a letterpress project and I tested out some line work from one of the most recent space drawings. I was curious how much detail would print. The fine lines printed well, I would say the test was a success. The ink color is what they call smokey charcoal and the paper has a soft cotton texture. Its posted in my store if you'd like a stellar page keeper.


Singular Band - Cockney Rebel

The Psychomodo is a totally great album too. Has some of that articulated quirky awesomeness of Adam and the Ants and 10cc.  


Bull Run again

22.5 x 30 inches. Ink on paper, 2012.



Erin 30 x 22.5 inches Ink on paper 2012