This was an experiment with the Challenger explosion image. I think it looks interesting really small.

12 x 12 inches ink and watercolor on paper.

Awesome Ride

12 x 12 inches ink on paper

The Endurance, Sally Ride and a dog named Dismal

Spaced out like 15% blue

12 x 12 ink and gauche on paper

Decent Shades

12 x 12 inches ink, gauche and colored pencil on paper


12 x 12 inches Ink on Paper


12 x 12 inches Ink on Paper


gummiz in giza !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A happy accident when I placed my gummi bears on the closest thing to me. I arranged them a little. 


Ma chasilla goatee rapture 4 - 301

WoMen in space history edit

Sally Ride hanging out in Challenger.


antarctic stadium

boring Gemini video


I love the slightly wonky typography and the crazy paper behind the gem-in-eee diagram. I always said GEM-EN-EYE. Made me realize it was probably boring for most of the astronaut training. Boring in the way it would be boring to watch someone mow the grass. It could be a very exciting event if you're a lawn enthusiast, but on the surface its a bit dry.

come on, lets go