Space 29 (The Haystack Radio Telescope)

Ink on Paper, 12x12 inches. Check out this incredibly beautiful geographic atlas of the moon. I've seen the images before but haven't visited the site. I stumbled on it yesterday. I want to make my own poster from the hi res jpgs. 

Chicken Livers and Jojos Feb 2012

 Chicken Livers and Jojos Feb 2012 is finally out. It contains sketches and drawings done between Nov 2011- Feb 2012. Saddle stitched, 16pgs with craft paper cover, edition of 100. Feb 2012. 


Kermit Studies for Philadelphia Show

This is my piece for an upcoming art show inspired by Jim Henson.  

March 2nd to the 26th
OPENING: 3.2.12 6-8pm
GALLERY & STORE HOURS: Sunday 11-6, Monday-Saturday 11-8
FEATURING ART BY: Pat Aulisio, Josh Bayer, Chi Birmingham, Box Brown, Nathan Bulmer, Doris Chang, Christopher Darling, Ryan Hartley, Pat Kinsella, Hye Su Lee, Joe Madres, Joey Parlett, Ryan Peltier, Gant Powell, Clay Rodery, Bailey Rogers, Erin Supinski, Helen Twingley, Jonathan Twingley, Jess Worby
Brave New Worlds, 45 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA


Lofty Leadville

Lofty Leadville  2012. Ink on Paper, 22x30 inches.


Alexander Ross

Untitled Drawing
Ink, color pencil and graphite on grey paper, 1987, by Sarcoptiform.

Untitled Drawing

Sketchbook collage

Other Drawing from 2005


I came across some of Alexander Ross' paintings from 50 watts and thought they were cool,  but what I loved was going through his archive and collection of stuff on his Flickr account, where he goes by Sarcoptiform. Finding similarities between his early work done much earlier in his career compared to the smooth abstract work he does now isn't too difficult, but I have fun imagining how he got there.  Above is some of his sketchbook work and what I would call "riff raff" from an earlier period. Its beautiful work. Take some time to go though the Crazy Amazing Art collection...it lives up to the title. 



Image Credit and Copyright: António Cidadão