Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen

Wow. This is incredible. Yes, you have 44min to watch this. You must. Leonard Cohen age 30.



Cover Girl 1963

First of 13 new cat drawings I'm working on. Sort of an homage to Louis Wain.

H. G. Wells said of Louis Wain,
"He has made the cat his own. He invented a cat style, a cat society, a whole cat world. English cats that do not look and live like Louis Wain cats are ashamed of themselves."


Ye olde keep lying to yourself shaman of inadequate deeds, among other things

mixed media on tea dyed water color paper

Here is my piece for a group show nestled in Crown Heights curated by Jess. The work in the show looks really terrific. Very pleased to be participating.

INFO. This Friday (11.30) 8pm . There are plenty of drinking holes near by so its totally worth the schlep.


The Monkey's Paw (bookstore)

This is a long video at 6 minutes, but if you ever think about books its required watching. The owner does a great job of articulating his ideas about the future of second hand books that are even more true two years later. I agree with him and totally need to go there.


Can't see the forest through the trees, but whatever.

ballpoint pen on plywood, 20 x 20 inches. Detail below.


DonnWaltWalt F.R.M. EisCunnSchir (Apollo 7 Crew)

The image above is a combined portrait of the Apollo 7 crew, 12 x 12 inches ink on 140lb watercolor paper. This is the second portrait in my series of archetypical astronauts & here is the post for the previous Apollo 1 portrait.

Below is a photo of the two astro men taking up some space together.


Blue John Brown

Ink on paper mounted and drawn on panel. I'll scan this one in the next day or so. I don't have the size yet. I was working with the image on this piece of wood and when I removed it from the panel to hang it I missed the wood surrounding the drawing. So, I mounted it to the panel and inked the panel. More drawings on wood to come. I like the quality of blue ink on plywood. I have no clue how archival that is or isn't. I figure it can always be UV protected via UV plexi in a frame, or I'll have to learn another method of archiving, which is always a good thing.




currency manipulator


evening rituals


Twin Peaks




Geronimo - one who yawns

Erin, Pat and I worked on this fun self-assignment of drawin' Geronimo.

This is the process piece that I had leftover from this transfer drawing/ monoprint:


5 years! of Blogging!

5 years ago:

Mars landscape in progress

combined portriat 2 in progress

the right kinda confused - 09.02.2012

going places - 09.03.2012


brown phone hun

tape deck

inside of an old scale


What about Bob?

"Alameda Nova"
1978,  watercolor on paper,  9.75 x 15.625 

Robert Bechtle video
This is terrific. Please watch. His quote towards the middle end about images being several tiny intersecting abstractions is right. Also his romantic idea of why one painting might resonate more than another, seems testable, or at least a challenge to science. Its only 10min. Bob is great.


cloud capture 09.09.12

nice cloud day today. some of the cumulus leftovers from yesterdays storm.


the good, the bad, and the ugly - combined portrait test

I was considering a combined portrait that might speak to something a little more like memory or different forces at play, then wanted to test out what The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly would look like as a single dude. The film has that iconic eyes only poster as well. I like the concept quite a bit, I might consider adding the lines as well but not sure yet.


lined up


too much febreze


Deep Time

Dinosaur National Monument view from the Colorado side. The Utah side has the bones, this side has the deep time. Didn't get to travel down into Echo Park because of the risk of getting trapped without proper supplies, but that saves some geological treasures for next year.


adequate har


EdRogVir H.B.I. WhiChassom (Apollo 1 Crew)

This is what would happen if the Apollo 1 mission was successfully launched and upon return we pulled out one hybrid star man that wasn't disfigured during the unification. He's an average of the 3, so I don't believe he's better or worse than Ed, Roger or Virgil as a functioning NASA employee. He's probably confused more than anything else, although he doesn't look it, just happy to have made it home in one piece.

liar vase


collage test

working on the moon




in progress - fictional spaceman hybrid portrait - EdRogVir H.B.I WhiChassom

For this portrait I overlaid the entire Apollo 1 crew to create a super spaceman that never existed. His name is EdRogVir H.B.I WhiChassom. He's 33.33333333% Edward H. White II, Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom and Roger B. Chaffee. He's a terrific guy, a bit bland but exceptionally skilled. I'm not sure what the average height of the three astronauts were yet but the face is 12"x12" roughly the actual size of their combined heads....the piece in the end should be hung at their average height. Perhaps in another universe this mission did return with all three men merged into one being. More of these to come.

The Nose Knows

i luv popcorn

Sunday codex

1875 blowdryer and moth



I don't normally post new music on the blog but this retro-psych-weird-pop-rock-adventure known as Foxygen really got me re-interested in making my own joshua light show and petting cats. Thats not a weird metaphor for doing drugs, thats literal, and that makes for a great day.

Recently released on Jagjaguwar (an all around terrific label)




i tested out the function where photoshaper merges images. worked out ok.


evolve not evolove


sunset via bushwick