Space 26 (distorted bootprints)

I'm excited about this new process...I printed out a section of one of the well known bootprints images and then crinkled it up and photographed it with a single light source, then used that photo of a photo as the source for this drawing. 

Flowers 2

Erin in progress

Her face is still a bit wonky here but I should have her in tip top shape in the next few weeks. 

mona's kid gloves (test/collaboration)

I've had this Mona List drawing Mark gave me around the studio for a while. I finally decided it would be interesting to fill it up with a texture to see if I can make it read more like a magic eye. I'm going to give it back to Mark to see if he wants to do anything with it. 



Opening 10.02.11

I'll be participating in a group show this weekend in Jersey City. I'll be showing "Space 25 (ancient martian highlands). The gallery will be open all weekend for the Jersey City Studio Tours from 12-6pm. The opening is this Sunday 10.02.11 from 3-6 pm. You can get there with your metrocard....no need to purchase a Jersey Transit pass, just take the Path Train to Grove Street.


The Moon's North Pole

information pulled from the NASA:
This image of the moon's north polar region was taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, or LROC. One of the primary scientific objectives of LROC is to identify regions of permanent shadow and near-permanent illumination. Since the start of the mission, LROC has acquired thousands of Wide Angle Camera images approaching the north pole. From these images, scientists produced this mosaic, which is composed of 983 images 983 images taken over a one month period during northern summer. This mosaic shows the pole when it is best illuminated, regions that are in shadow are candidates for permanent shadow. 

Image Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University