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Jump in the Line - By Joseph Spence

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concert scene.... ... ...

concert scene still under construction. we're about 45% complete. ETA...is august 31st.

todd rundgren

Misty wizard mountain top

self titled 07.31.2011


train sketch for a drawing

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Hobo pedestal holder / collector


Its Nice That

A nice little blurb about Whitey on the Moon, Book 2 over at Its Nice That...

Whitey on the Moon, Book 2 Joey Parlett

Really nicely rendered, pieces of moments and crops of the Apollo missions, including some wonderful vignettes of boot prints and an intense 6 × 6 frame pages that does incredible things to the pace. Also, got really excited and looked for part one of the series on his site – and I can confirm, it is equally as good!


self titled - jul 7 2011