Lee Baxter Davis

Man of the West, 2007  pen, ink and wash on paper 44 x 56 inches 

St. Obe, 1994 - ink, waterecolor and graphite 

Saint Obe Discovers American, 1994 ink, watercolor, collage 21 x 29 inches 

The Crisis is Past
, 2004 Ink & collage, 33 x 42 inches 

Seven, 1999 ink and watercolor 18 x 31 inches 

Flood, 2007 ink wash and watercolor on paper  26 x 48 inches 

Sister Dee Bee ink wash, watercolor and collage on paper 28 x 20 inches

Lee Baxter Davis creates intense, imaginative, detailed, textured, finely crafted works out of seemingly random symbols. They have a fun mystical dark feeling without being overly emotional and corny. His line quality has a magic balance between being loose / energetic and very articulate. He's obviously passionate. I enjoy comparing his old work with his newer pieces and speculating on his spontaneous process. He taught Gary Panter and Trenton Doyle Hancock while he was teaching at East Texas State University. He's now a retired assistant Pastor in East Texas at St William the Confessor Catholic Church, Greenville, Texas, and works in his home studio. 

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