lil' rascal

this is what I hope my decked out little rascal will look like in 2065. the pizza oven is conveniently located below my seat so I stay warm while reading and waiting for pizza.  

George Washington

this is the first portrait of my new portrait series. it was done with a pilot p700 gel pen on watercolor paper, 30 x 22 inches.

Battle Scene 5 part 3 of 4

this is #3 of 4 in battle scene 5. the image below is what it looks like together so far. the next one will be done in march. this is the peacful forest dude milling about next to some psychedelic trees. there are also gnomes. 

Babel's Mortgage Crisis 5 under construction #1


this is a piece inspired by The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce.

boquet with american mastadon bones

This is my contribution for the upcoming print show to benefit Birdsong, I'll have more details about the show later. 2 color on some nice mr. frenches stock.

Teens Film

Good Night Rolloff / Sperm Dream

Rolloff was my first dog. He was never neutered, and ran away. He had very soft ears. He was half beagle and half german shepard....or another strange combination. I'm sure there were several other breeds involved with his mix.


This is a piece I made in 2006 for a show in Cleveland. If you can't tell the ship is made of little tiny butts. Glitter gel pen on watercolor paper.

shitstorm/ back to collage progress