Flowers 3

Flowers 3 2011. Ink and spray paint on paper, 18.75 x 22 inches.


Concert Scene progress....

Allllmmmmmost done. The final size is 60 x 40 inches on two panels of 30 x 40 inches. I'm working on the ceiling of the hall and adjusting some of the values of the top panel as well as the details with the stage. I'll be able to scan this one in about a week.

detail of the top panel so far


a lonely reader


can't walk sign / goodbye tooth

They just installed this one last Friday. Its on the corner of Johnson and Gardner.


eadweard muybridge...

This is the piece I created for the 24 hour work session / show at Camel Art Space earlier this month. I started with the upper left image and "plowed" through...as in I chose to create the work not by always starting on the left like the way we read, but by moving down the way an ox would plow a field, zig zag like. The 24th muybridge is the lower left image. I like number seven best.

muybridges animated gif

here is an animated gif of the 24 eadweard muybridges I created for the 48 hours show at Camel earlier this month.

24(ish) consecutive hours of drawing eadweard muybridge timesheet

Flowers progress


man with phone and notes


Space 26 (distorted bootprints)

I'm excited about this new process...I printed out a section of one of the well known bootprints images and then crinkled it up and photographed it with a single light source, then used that photo of a photo as the source for this drawing. 

Flowers 2

Erin in progress

Her face is still a bit wonky here but I should have her in tip top shape in the next few weeks. 

mona's kid gloves (test/collaboration)

I've had this Mona List drawing Mark gave me around the studio for a while. I finally decided it would be interesting to fill it up with a texture to see if I can make it read more like a magic eye. I'm going to give it back to Mark to see if he wants to do anything with it. 



Opening 10.02.11

I'll be participating in a group show this weekend in Jersey City. I'll be showing "Space 25 (ancient martian highlands). The gallery will be open all weekend for the Jersey City Studio Tours from 12-6pm. The opening is this Sunday 10.02.11 from 3-6 pm. You can get there with your metrocard....no need to purchase a Jersey Transit pass, just take the Path Train to Grove Street.


The Moon's North Pole

information pulled from the NASA:
This image of the moon's north polar region was taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, or LROC. One of the primary scientific objectives of LROC is to identify regions of permanent shadow and near-permanent illumination. Since the start of the mission, LROC has acquired thousands of Wide Angle Camera images approaching the north pole. From these images, scientists produced this mosaic, which is composed of 983 images 983 images taken over a one month period during northern summer. This mosaic shows the pole when it is best illuminated, regions that are in shadow are candidates for permanent shadow. 

Image Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University


space 25 (ancient martian highlands)

detail below......

space 24


modern house




Pattern Test

hair parties





Woody Guthrie's New Years Rulin's

Work more and better
Work by a schedule
Wash teeth if any
Take bath
Eat good - fruit - vegetables - milk
Drink very scant if any
Write a song a day
Wear clean clothes - look good
Shine shoes
Change socks
Change bed clothes often
Read lots good books
Listen to radio a lot
Learn people better
Keep rancho clean
Don’t get lonesome
Stay glad
Keep hoping machine running
Dream good
Bank all extra money
Save dough
Have company but don’t waste time
Send Mary and kids money
Play and sing good
Dance better
Help win war - beat fascism
Love Mama
Love Papa
Love Pete
Love everybody
Make up your mind
Wake up and fight




Jennifer Bartlett

Detail from Rhapsody 1975-76


E.P.R 1992


Flowers 1

Jump in the Line - By Joseph Spence

space 23

space 22

space 21

concert scene.... ... ...

concert scene still under construction. we're about 45% complete. ETA...is august 31st.

todd rundgren

Misty wizard mountain top

self titled 07.31.2011


train sketch for a drawing

tv space

Hobo pedestal holder / collector


Its Nice That

A nice little blurb about Whitey on the Moon, Book 2 over at Its Nice That...

Whitey on the Moon, Book 2 Joey Parlett

Really nicely rendered, pieces of moments and crops of the Apollo missions, including some wonderful vignettes of boot prints and an intense 6 × 6 frame pages that does incredible things to the pace. Also, got really excited and looked for part one of the series on his site – and I can confirm, it is equally as good!


self titled - jul 7 2011