Sandwich 8 (animal sandwich)

Here is the list on the left side of the drawing:

Animal Sandwich Ingredients:
a species of rhinoceros beetle, Cecropia Moth (with a little stinger) a stage of larval growth, part of a locust wing, Reeve's Pheasant with some bloating and minor head swelling, Genetically Modified hare, a ladybug, Domestic Cat eating a fanciful monkey-like creature, Bat, a toad with toad eggs, Mammoth Head, grizzly bear, Sperm Whale, Platypus, birds (maybe seaguls), a silk spider

Space 19 (bootprints in the lunarstuff 2)

Space 18 (bootprints in the lunarstuff 1)

George Washington (Fuzzy Face 1) progress

The second image is a detail of his left eye. I'm moving slow with this piece because I like the weird gradients from the tiny pen marks and keep considering stopping early but I think it needs to be a much darker. I need to start the next one to have something to compare it to. This is created with a pilot p700 gel pen.

Space 17

confused hand

eclectic hair with bra straps


hey guys. this is my buddy, moon beam.


Infinite Mortgage Crisis (test)

This is a pattern test to see what Babel's Mortgage Crisis 1 would look like if it was repeated. I'm thinking the next Babel's Mortgage Crisis drawing is going to be web only. Then the drawing will just be the analog accompaniment to the web experience. I think there is a way to make the pattern a flash animation and it can scroll forever in any direction. Then the viewer can zoom in and look at the details in addition to being completely overwhelmed with visual information. The plan is to make it big enough that it will take plenty of effort to decipher where the work repeats.



This estimated, twelve year old gem was sent to me from my friend Matt Kowal who is the proud, long time owner, of one of my earliest pieces. I made it for "MINDEE", I think she was Matt's girlfriend at the time. Its really interesting to see something that I have so little memory of making and recognizing similar tendencies in the work I currently produce...which is to make a big shitstorm of images crammed together. I usually went by Joe but I'm extra glad that I signed it "Joey". If older me was to speak to younger me about this work I'd say "cool dude". Thanks for this relic Matt.


Gallery Opening

CloseUp: Small works – Sept 10 through Sept 20 at the Brooklyn Artists Gym
Space Drawings 8, 9 and 16 will be included.
Opening reception: Friday, September 10, 6 – 10 pm.

Experiment (Beardman and the Magic Keys)