5 People Couldn't Possibly Be Wrong

This is the rough cover sketch of my first installment of 5PCPBW. The cover should explain it all. The Whitey on The Moon book series is great for one purpose but I need a more experimental outlet/booklet/zine. The book will be like the blog, only in print form. For now it will be an edition of 30, 4.25"x5.5" Black and White with a sticker on the front to show what month its from. The February birthstone is amethyst.....so the sticker is purple. I'll have a mailing list for those that would like to receive a copy via the USPS. I'll post the rest of the book later this week.


esup said...

Can I sign up to get a copy?

joey parlett said...


angie said...

dis be done, mon?