Battle Scene 2 (Fort Sandwich gets slammed)

This piece will be sent to the scanner sometime early February. On my website I'm going to have some kind of roll over or reference to accompany the piece. Maybe it will be an audio accompaniment like they do in museums, I can just read out loud different entries from "Note's from The Front", which is the hand bound book that comes with the work.

Space 11

Space 12 (Challenger)

Icon 3 (Herb Greene Head)

Herb Greene is an eccentric architect that was heavily inspired by Bruce Goff. Both men create homes that stray far from the norm. They're the type of homes one could imagine Roger Dean living in if Roger Dean wanted to hire someone else to build his shit. The head of this figure is from Herb Greene's Prairie House which looks like some fantastic wooded creature from Andromeda.

Sandwich 3 (Pattern Patties)

Collage 2 (Alfie's Sex Pad)

Sketches-n-Doodles 2010