Battle Scene 5 part 2 of 4. Sandwich Face and Finger Face get involved.

The top image is part two of four. The bottom image is how the pieces will be displayed. I'm working part three currently. The total width of Battle Scene 5 will be 160 inches.

The Devil Most Definitely Drinks Diet Coke


Beardman and the Infinite Guitar

I'm working on a series of short stories about my recurring character Beardman, and this is the first one. Here, Beardman has conceived of the infinite guitar. Once the guitar is created and the concert commences time melts away 4-ever in a wash of finger tapping, jam zone, ecstasy, witnessed by a large crowd of people with long, wavy, black hair.


Battle Scene 5 part 1 of 4 Pow Jammer Soft War

you can click on the images to see them larger


battle scene 5 studies

flower waves

100 THUMBS UP with bonus love cat on the back

cigarette and bandaid studies

four flowers

wine glass

teen angst peter saul

i spend a lot more time at the bottom

over my cold manicured hand

Mike Tyson's Pigeons

Very Natural


white quwhiet Tiger on marbled rye

Beardman comic (brief sample)

I'm starting a comic of short stories about Beardman....who is one of the recurring characters in my work. This is a small sample of the first story.

a sound pen & the sound of mark making

This is an experiment to digest a drawing by listening to it instead of looking at it.

Link to drawing sound of the above drawing using the sound pen. If you open up two windows you can follow the visuals along with the sound.

The above audio drawing clip is going to be included into a piece of "contemporary classical" music by Michael Chambers. I think the record is going to come out sometime in November. I'll have details on that later.


today's top hits

I started this in 2006 and decided to finish it last week.

everything under one god

ongoing cigarette project

I'm working on a pile of these fake cigarettes.....I think I need about 1000 of them.
So I'm about 1/68th the way there.

with conviction

tonado screw

Beardman gets hurt

velum experiment

GW experiments

weird beers by a tree



Sandwich 8 (animal sandwich)

Here is the list on the left side of the drawing:

Animal Sandwich Ingredients:
a species of rhinoceros beetle, Cecropia Moth (with a little stinger) a stage of larval growth, part of a locust wing, Reeve's Pheasant with some bloating and minor head swelling, Genetically Modified hare, a ladybug, Domestic Cat eating a fanciful monkey-like creature, Bat, a toad with toad eggs, Mammoth Head, grizzly bear, Sperm Whale, Platypus, birds (maybe seaguls), a silk spider

Space 19 (bootprints in the lunarstuff 2)

Space 18 (bootprints in the lunarstuff 1)

George Washington (Fuzzy Face 1) progress

The second image is a detail of his left eye. I'm moving slow with this piece because I like the weird gradients from the tiny pen marks and keep considering stopping early but I think it needs to be a much darker. I need to start the next one to have something to compare it to. This is created with a pilot p700 gel pen.

Space 17

confused hand

eclectic hair with bra straps