Notes from the front (Battle Scene 2 start)

The first two images are the start of the new Battle Scene 2 drawing. I've also made a Battle Scene journal subtitled "Notes on the Front" to house my notes, hours, sketches and journal entries from different characters in the piece.

Whitey on the Moon

Whitey on the Moon, book one is complete. The book is 8.5"x8.5", 16pgs with a one color hand screen printed cover. Its bound by hand with a simple pamphlet stitch. I've bound and numbered the first 15 and have 75 more to go. They will be on sale this week at the Brooklyn Comics Festival and early next year off my website.


Babel's Mortgage Crisis 4

This piece is roughly 19"x24". I started with a 10"x24" piece of paper, I was getting a little frustrated with the structure not expanding outside of the rectangular format so I made the additions as construction progressed. Its Ink on paper.


Cover for Whitey on the Moon


Space #10

I'm making a book of these that will be done by the end of this month. The book will contain drawings 1-10. It will be titled "Whitey on the Moon". That's also the name for the series, named after a song by Gil Scott-Heron.