I don't know who Babel is. (Lit Review/ drawing review)

This is a review of some drawings I did for the wonderful folks at the Agriculture Reader. Here is a paragraph and the link. (this is a self little horn tootin' for the 2 people that look at the blog.)

"A warm and welcoming term, “agriculture” at its simplest cultivates and gives way to growth, in turn providing food and other fundamental necessities. And the writing in this annual arts journal, as well as Joey Parlett’s artwork, is in this sense fantastically cohesive and naturally grown, cultivated with care from the minds of thirty talented contributors. Nearly every piece embraces an introspective, philosophical undertone, while at the same time maintaining a naturalness characteristic to writing that has sprung organically from its creator’s consciousness.

This week marks the launch of Agriculture Reader No. 3, the third issue of the annually published Brooklyn-based arts journal.

Take special note of Joey Parlett’s crowded, peculiar etchings which both complement the writing they surround and also stand effectively on their own. His towering, teetering house on page eight reminisces Babel’s conflagration of discourses and over-stimulation, as well as its ultimate, forthcoming demise. Just two pages previous, Parlett depicts man’s first steps on the moon in a series of comic book-like images, and the words “President Kennedy tellin Scott Carpenter he’s awesome” below the sketch with an astronaut holding a receiver to his ear."


The writing in the issue is amazing, I'm not even well read and I love it.

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