I'm working on a large sandwich scroll. Similar to this piece but much longer. I want to call it the same name as the place where Jesus fed "5000" but I don't know if that place has a name. Maybe I'll just call it "5000" or "White Castle". The piece below is still in progress but I had a lot of fun thinking of an ever growing sandwich.

Tattoo a bug

Heaven is in the Details

This is the start of a new piece about several small imagined "art" installations.

Sketchbook page

More progress on this piece


I have this loose idea to create a series of images that are stereotypically labeled "masculine". What does it mean to be a man? What is manly?

Anthropomorphic Combo Meal

People Just Like Us People_2

My goal is to make 12 People Just like Us People books this year.
Simple idea.....one a month, record time, progress and people.

cowtigerzebra zoom

ever notice that most things are in a box?

Toothache Diagram Rough

Toothland Rough

What I ate Jan 27th 2009

Fireworks Happy 09